2211 NW York Street, Portland, OR 97210

  • Size: 114,000 sf

  • Type: Ground-up infill

  • Status: Opened June 18, 2018!

  • Phone: (503) 917-5980

  • Reserve Space: Check Availability


Downtown Portland is soon to get space for some extra storage with a beautiful new 120,000 sf facility. The facility will compliment recent developments in the area known as "Slabtown", including the kitty-corner New York recently completed, the Con-way redevelopment with New Seasons Market Slabtown, and several new multi-family projects along the waterfront and within the coveted Pearl District.

Being so close to it all, with super easy access, this site will be the go-to storage spot for residents of Slabtown, the Pearl District, Downtown Portland, Northwest District, Nob Hill Alphabet District, Hillside, Forest Park, and surrounding neighborhoods. Access off NW York Street is easy peasy from Highway 30, Front Avenue or the Freemont Bridge/I-405.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, techie, small apartment dweller, or small business owner, we’re here to help you store better. If you’re concerned about precipitation and cold temperatures ruining your things, you'll appreciate our temperature-controlled storage units! PORK is here to compliment everything great about urban Portland living. #dwellsmalllivebig



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