34 Tomahawk Road, Nantucket, MA 02554

  • Size: 91,900 sf

  • Type: Ground-up development

  • Status: Opened September 27, 2018!

  • Phone: (508) 901-5369

  • Reserve Space: Check Availability


For Nantucket's summer inhabitants, self storage has always been in high demand. The island located 30 miles south of Cape Cod often quadruples in population (from about 15,000) during the summer. Many of the island's summer visitors will return year after year, but they are usually hard-pressed to find a storage solution for their gear through the winter. 

Luckily for cramped residents and visitors, Get Space is working on over 90,000 SF of new self storage with anticipated completion in early 2018. The storage will be ideally located in the heart of the island. As always, these units will be the cleanest, newest, and absolutely most in-demand storage solution the island has to offer. 



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