Our Chance Relationship with AAI Engineering

A celebration is in order! Somehow, two years has flown by since we first met some of our favorite engineers this side of the Cascades. Excuse us while we wax nostalgic. 

The day was May 1st, 2014. We were in a Get Space flurry, trying to secure an engineer for our first Portland, Oregon, projects. The deadline for proposals was fast approaching, and we were ready to select a local firm. And then, a ray of sunshine broke through our window (it was a beautifully sunny day, after all), and another proposal squeaked in at the last moment. It was a "touch of destiny". We just knew there was something special about AAI, and we're so glad we got that last proposal!

AAI (Afghan Associates, Inc.) provides our structural, civil, planning, and landscape engineering design services. They're the perfect one-stop-shop for any engineering quandary we could ever quander (just go with it). We have an amazing relationship with these folks, and it's evident in the amazing things we build together. Just call us #TeamAwesome