What's So Special About Nantucket?

Since Get Space is near Portland, Oregon (not Maine), and most of our projects are in the Pacific Northwest hood, it seems odd that we have a random site in Nantucket...right?! Well let's break this down. There are lots of reasons we chose to take on a project on the "other side of the world," and it's going to be kind of awesome.  

So here's the deal. Nantucket is an island located 25+ miles off of the mainland (Cape Cod, to be exact). Talk about a getaway! A ferry ride back to shore can take about two hours. It's a hot spot for summer vacationers, who manage to inflate the island's population to about 5 times it's off-peak size. Those vacationers are often repeat visitors who make an annual tradition of their island pilgrimage. With people comes stuff, and at barely over 100 square miles, the space for that stuff on the island is at a premium.  

That's where we come in. We are building a variety of climate controlled, highly secure units right on the island where beach bums can store their precious belongings during the non-summer months. It's just not practical to lug an entire summer's worth of belongings via water snail (aka the ferry), and not everyone can afford the luxury of a personal cargo plane to deliver their goods each year. Instead, part-time islanders can leave their stuff with Get Space, and have peace of mind knowing it will be well tended until next summer.