The Jambalaya for Jackson|Main Please!

It takes a lot of hard work and years of experience to be really amazing at one thing. It's hard to imagine what it takes to be amazing at three very different things, so we plan to ask Jackson|Main Architecture the secret to their success. The Seattle-based firm teamed up with Get Space to assist with three very unique Portland self storage projects, namely Portland & York, Portland & Powell, and Portland & Johnson Creek

Jackson|Main Architecture is sized just right to execute these Get Space projects with speed and efficiency. The medium-sized staff is large enough to tackle each facility quickly, but small enough to personally listen to our needs and build a fantastic working relationship. The firm's background in storage helped them jump into each project with both feet, and they understand the varied needs of each project. While these Portland locations include two totally different adaptive reuses and one ground-up infill, they all will reflect the same fresh Get Space attitude and funky charm. We know that PORK, PPOW, and PJON are in good hands with Jackson|Main Architecture, and we're eager to see the final products.