Get Space Opens Newest Facility in NE Portland in Nearly 20 Years

Starting off with a bang, Get Space celebrates the opening of its facility at Portland and Broadway (PBWY). This location is the newest facility to serve Northeast Portland in almost two decades! The multi-level adaptive reuse offers over 500 units throughout 64,800 sf to serve the needs of Roseway, Madison South, Hollywood, Montavilla, and Laurelhurst neighbors. 

During construction, PBWY was decorated with colorful graffiti. While the art was later removed, it foreshadowed the colorful future of this site, both literally and figuratively. The bold blue and green color palette of the facility is sure to catch the eye of commuters on I-84, and the company is splashing color at the self storage industry in general. According to Ben Bradley, Co-Founder and Partner, "We make cool, imaginative buildings that will be fun to look at. The odds and ends inside each unit are unique and storied, so why can't our facilities be as well?!"

The project will be turned over to Extra Space Storage for management. This collaboration has a fascinating history, as the previously completed Get Space locations in Hillsboro, Oregon, (H15 & H73) are both successfully managed by Extra Space.

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Get Space believes that self storage doesn't have to be complicated. While self storage is inherently built around utility, Get Space mixes it with a little simplicity and beauty to achieve amazing results. Focused in the Pacific Northwest initially, Get Space is developing multiple new facilities with a systematic development approach not seen in self storage development before. Learn more at

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