Approval Received for Get Space's Mixed Municipality Facility

In business, it's all about who you know. In building and development, it's all about knowing who needs to know.

When Get Space wanted to build its Vancouver & Ward facility, it was important to know which jurisdictions should be advised of (and approve) the brand-new, all-the-bells-and-whistles self storage facility. While the site has a Vancouver address (6815 NE Ward Rd, Vancouver, WA 98682), it technically lies outside city limits, in Clark County. Because the city of Vancouver manages the roads in this area, both municipalities had to review and approve the project. 

Naturally, it was with excitement that Get Space recently received the 'go ahead' from both Clark County and Vancouver City to proceed. Given the prominent street corner location of Get Space's second SW Washington location, the much anticipated facility must be bright and beautiful.  When this new Vancouver Get Space opens in mid 2017, it will no doubt be a focal point along Fourth Plain.

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Get Space believes that self storage doesn't have to be complicated. While self storage is inherently built around utility, Get Space mixes it with a little simplicity and beauty to achieve amazing results. Focused in the Pacific Northwest initially, Get Space is developing multiple new facilities with a systematic development approach not seen in self storage development before. Learn more at

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