To Elizabeth Main, Awesome Comes Naturally

When it comes to being awesome at Get Space, we have to work at it.  For Elizabeth Main however, awesome comes naturally. We can't help but feel bad for everyone else that doesn't get to work with her, but she's a part of Get Space now! She actually became a part of the Get Space gang late last year and immediately integrated. While Elizabeth's job description is "Content Writer", she is far more!

Elizabeth comes to Get Space with a Master of Architecture from the University of Utah and a sick skill set. She immediately began practicing Architecture right out of college and became a fully licensed Architect in super speedy time right before her first child was born. While adapting to life with a child, Elizabeth remains a crucial part of Get Space by offering her amazing skills whenever possible through content writing, interior design, community outreach, public relations, social media, and so much more.

Daniel attended college at the same time as Elizabeth and knew what stuff she was made of. Always driven and bold, Get Space knew they needed her.

Welcome Elizabeth!  #naturallyawesome