Moving to "The Shoug", Get Space HQ 3.0

Washougal just upped its awesome by becoming the headquarters for Get Space!  It sort of feels like we're finally home, but let me explain.

After moving up here, we worked out of our houses for about six months.  Our first real "office" was a tiny 140 sf bedroom executive suite in downtown Vancouver, WA (HQ 1.0).  That worked pretty swell for about six months until we moved a bit further east to some executive suites (HQ 2.0).  Again, that worked for about six months.  And now, we're out where we belong, in "The Shoug".  Get Space HQ 3.0 is here!

Our new office is going to be epic!  It's located in the Washougal Town Square in the heart of the city.  We'll have walking access to lots of stuff, nearby parks and trails, showers, bike parking, etc.

Curious about Washougal, check out the video:

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