Get Space Fills Second Facility 25% in 2 Months

60 days after opening its second facility, Get Space's "Little Hillsboro" is giving back people's closets and garages in a big way! With 1/4 of the facility filling up in 2 months, Hillsboro & 73rd (H73) is outperforming market metrics even during the "off season".

Similar to Walmart's smaller "neighborhood markets", H73 is nestled near the intersections of Washington County's TV Highway and Cornelius Pass, while being poised for the major new developments of South Hillsboro. H73 is able to offer a finely tuned range of storage sizes while incorporating advanced security features and an easily navigable site.

"Even though Hillsboro & 73rd opened after the main summer months, we anticipate that it will be completely full sometime early next year," said Daniel Lyman, Co-Founder & Principal of Get Space.

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Get Space believes that self storage doesn't have to be complicated. While self storage is inherently built around utility, Get Space mixes it with a little simplicity and beauty to achieve amazing results. Focused in the Pacific Northwest initially, Get Space is developing multiple new facilities with a systematic development approach not seen in self storage development before. Learn more at

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