Thai Food Holds This Company Together

There's a popular Thai phrase that translates into English as, "Same same, but different." It's used a lot when trying to explain how two things are really close to being the same, but somehow they still differ, often in a pretty critical way. (Think the difference between two tasty spreads of sushi, but one set of fish was left out of the fridge a few hours too long. Gross.) 

It's only fitting that Get Space was conceived by Ben and Daniel over tasty Thai curries and noodles, and continues to hold business meetings the same way. Get Space is really close to other self storage companies, because, you know, we store your stuff... But we're not really the same, because we're different! We're fun, new, versatile, and march to the beat of our own cardboard box drum. We don't even need the first half of that Thai phrase; we're proud to be "...but different".

Also, can someone send over some pad see ew, STAT? Please and thank you. #foodofchampions #goodforyoursoul