Get Space = Just Awesome + The Ritchie Group

When you work in self storage, it's easy to get caught up in lots of numbers, like storage unit volumes (how many Pogo sticks can I fit in here?) and monthly rents (I can still afford my morning donuts!). It's pretty simple math, though, to figure out that only super fantastic things result from adding The Ritchie Group and Just Awesome to form Get Space.

Our crew at The Ritchie Group brought a seasoned resume of development work and a healthy interest in the self storage industry. Meanwhile, our gang at Just Awesome discovered the secret recipe to analyze ideal markets and the know-how to conceptually design. Get Space is the resulting marriage of these forces, and allows everyone to do much bigger things than they could independently.  

The Get Space team is super fantastic, because we each use our technical expertise and common sense to back our big dreams and make exciting things happen! Who knew self storage could be so cool?!