Second Get Space Facility Opens in Hillsboro, OR

Close on the heels of the hot Hillsboro and 15th, Get Space has opened its new Hillsboro location, Hillsboro and 73rd (H73). While the two facilities are located in the same area of this Portland, Oregon, suburb, H73 is expressly unique in ways that cater to its particular neighborhood.

Get Space H73 is a single building with all the typical Get Space trimmings: temperature control, amazing security, and an overall perfect place to store and protect personal belongings. Additionally, this location boasts some extra tall units for various odds and ends. 

The new Get Space in Hillsboro is located at the mouth of a residential area, and responds to this context with a smaller, less overwhelming footprint. As a Walmart Supercenter is to a Walmart Neighborhood Market, so is the earlier H15 to the new H73. This self storage adapts to its neighborhood and signals Get Space's cognizance of its context and specific location needs. 

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Get Space believes that self storage doesn't have to be complicated. While self storage is innately built around utility, Get Space mixes it with a little simplicity and beauty to achieve amazing results. Focused in the Pacific Northwest initially, Get Space is developing multiple new facilities with a systematic development approach not seen in self storage development before. Learn more at

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