Ben Bradley and Daniel Lyman Launch Project Get Space

Hey self storage industry, make room.

When Ben Bradley and Daniel Lyman met at the University of Utah while studying real estate development, they didn’t realize how similar their interests and backgrounds were. That was until they joined forces to launch Project Get Space which brought all their professional and educational experience together.

Ben’s obsession with storage began in 2006 while working in commercial real estate appraising, which eventually led him into a Masters program in Real Estate Development. Upon finishing his degree, he found that he was faced with two problems: 1) he lived in Utah where the self storage market was overbuilt and overcrowded, and 2) as such, he knew he needed to find operational efficiencies to obtain an advantage. Working together, Ben and Daniel utilized their collective backgrounds in real estate development, architecture, and planning to rethink self storage. They decided to go all in on the Get Space idea and spent several thousand dollars on purchasing the domain



Get Space believes that self storage doesn't have to be complicated. While self storage is innately built around utility, Get Space mixes it with a little simplicity and beauty to achieve amazing results. Focused in the Pacific Northwest initially, Get Space is developing multiple new facilities with a systematic development approach not seen in self storage development before. Learn more at

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