“That is a beautiful metal storage unit. I now understand the difference between a 5 x 10 and a 8 x 7.5,” said no one ever!

At Get Space, we believe that storage doesn't have to be complicated. While self storage is innately built around utility, we mix it with a little simplicity, beauty, and a spoonful of sophistication to achieve amazing results. And since starting Get Space in 2013, we've only become better. #getspace


Finding the right space in the marketplace is a major part of our secret sauce, and it’s freakin’ delicious!

Sure "location, location, location" is the real estate mantra, but how one determines a prime location is often random. We aren't just driving around looking for random pieces of land or asking Brokers what's available; what we do makes all the difference.

Our locations are determined by a proprietary statistical demand algorithm that does a parcel by parcel analysis to determine the net demand for self storage on every piece of land in a market. Sounds cool enough right?!

Basically, we switched the idea of reactive development to a proactive one. We already know an entire market's parcel by parcel demand and feasibility for self storage before even starting. #scaryawesome

How the desire to enter an overcrowded self storage market led to an innovative solution and a strong management team.

Just as Neanderthals left their dank, dark caves, storage facilities are beginning to make their way out of grimy industrial zones, but are finding it difficult to compete with other industries on land cost and design aesthetic. We saw the ability to leverage advancements in technology and use our collective backgrounds to be sophisticated in our approach to how we find and develop facilities.